Something for the Weekend: How the iPad is changing Music Production

Traditionally consumers believe the iPad is best used for listening to music, watching movies and browsing the internet, but it’s use for music production has taken the device to an entirely new level giving aspiring musicians a chance to produce professional recordings. Check out three examples below of how the iPad is used in professional and nonprofessional settings.

The iPad brings huge potential to music production for both professionals and amateurs alike, which is further enhanced by Apps like GarageBand and iShred LIVE combined with great audio accessories for your iPad (like the ones below).

3 Cool Examples of the iPad in Music Recording

  1. The Gorillaz, the infamous virtual band of cartoon characters latest album, The Fall, was produced almost entirely using an iPad.  Or how about after GarageBand was introduced to the iPad2, indie musicians, Ultramods, recorded an entire album in two weeks.
  2. Someone steal your instruments? No Problem, the Band, Atomic Tom, jams to their song “Take me Out” using their iPhones to create beats on the NYC Subway after their instruments were stolen…Can you say well improvised?
  3. Recording studios cost a lot of money, with the iPad it only cost Jack Coco $6 to re-create “Just the way you are” by Bruno Mars.

As you can see, technology enables musicians to become mobile without losing quality, now people are able to make music anywhere without limitations and without substantial costs.  I think this could make for a nice piece for your audience educating them on the proliferation of iPad use in the music recording industry along with the apps/accessories that any musician can utilize for professional quality recording.


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