Steinberg Nuendo 5.5 update now available

Steinberg today released its maintenance update version 5.5 for Nuendo, with many workflow features highlighted in Steinberg’s Cubase 6 advanced music production system. An optional 5.5 update to the Nuendo Expansion Pack (NEK) including VST Expression 2 and several VST instruments has also been released. For registered users of Nuendo 5 and NEK 5, these updates are available free of charge from the Steinberg website.

Nuendo 5.5 highlights new editing functionality useful in audio production environments. Multitrack editing tools, grouping events and editing across multiple lanes are now eminently convenient alongside reworked transient hitpoint detection and phase-stable audio quantization to expedite workflows. The powerful audio/MIDI lane editing for quick comping provides an overall efficient recording experience. Great quality in real-time time stretching and pitch shifting is revealed through the newly added acclaimed élastique Pro algorithms. Complementing the list of new features are also an advanced offline processing, automation editing with improved trimming functions, the VST Amp Rack plug-in, tempo detection and full 64-bit support for Mac.

Enhancements in Nuendo 5.5 include amongst others an updated video engine, improved Quick Controls for extended accessibility and improved compatibility with external software applications, such as through the refined Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) for cross-platform interoperability.

The optional NEK 5.5 update features the ground-breaking VST Expression 2 which is based on the latest 3.5 version of Virtual Studio Technology (VST) and includes Note Expression, the novel way to assign, create and edit multiple controller values on single-note level. Further highlights of this add-on are the HALion Sonic SE virtual workstation with a wealth of quality sounds and instruments, the latest incarnation of LoopMash for mixing loops together and the combination of Groove Agent ONE and Beat Designer for creating intricate drum patterns.

Nuendo 5.5 is one of the biggest updates for Nuendo to date. Version 5.5 contains over 20 new features and more enhancements than ever before, making its great features for audio editing and mixing now even more advanced,” commented Timo Wildenhain, Steinberg’s product marketing manager for Nuendo.

Steinberg offers a Nuendo 5.5 trial version as free download for registered users from its website. The trial version can be tested without restrictions for 400 hours.


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