Allen&Heath Xone:DB2 – Tease Away!

We were just thinking how quiet it was at the gear front. And then there’s suddenly this video teaser by Allen & Heath. The video itself doesn’t name names but we trust our friend Skratchworx as he is quite the inside man when it comes to DJ gear. According to him A&H will introduce the DB4s little brother the Xone:DB2 at the coming BPM trade show in the UK. As a well done teaser should be, not much is given away by Allen & Heath, but … there’s no denying the DB2 will look just awesome! And if we can rely on the quality of the Xone:DB4, performance will be as good too. This DJ ‘gem’ will be introduced on the first of october so till then… enjoy the video!

BPM 2011



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