FL Studio for Mac Beta-Testers Wanted

Image Line have been working with CodeWeavers for the past year or so in developing a special version of FL Studio that runs in a customized Crossover wrapper (a Windows emulator/wrapper). This means that you DON’T need anything else (like a Windows installation, Boot Camp or CrossOver) to run FL Studio on Mac OSX. Just install FL Studio using the supplied .dmg and away you go!

Image Line are now looking for experienced FL Studio users as beta-testers so if you have been a customer for 2 years or more AND have access to a Mac for testing, please reply below to have your name added to the list.

Let them know:
1. What Mac Hardware, OSX version & sound card you are using?
2. If you own/have a Mac, why you have one instead of/in addition to a PC?
3. How long you have been using FL Studio as a registered customer?

– This version of FL Studio does not support Audio Unit plugins. (PC) VST and FL Studio native only.
– 3rd Party VST plug-in compatibility needs to be tested on a case-by-case basis (please report).

PLEASE NOTE: Beta Testing will start sometime late September or early October.

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