New Pioneer DJ Controller – More Details – New Video

Thanks to Phil Morse we came across this new video of the new (little) Pioneer DJ Controller which will be presented and officially released on the 29th of september at the BPM Show. This new controller will cost ‘considerably’ less then its two ‘fathers’, the DDJ-T1 and the DDJ-S1. We heart some rumours that it would be named the DDJ-T2, but we have our doubts as the controller will be shipped with a custom skinned version of the Virtual DJ Software.

According to the comments in the video, Pioneer is aiming at beginners and even non-DJs with this controller that makes it “fun and intuitive for non-DJs” to work with. This USB powered controller packs enough PRO features to make a decent impression. Check out the video to see what the Pioneer product specialist was allowed to reveal to us. Again, there is no mention on its name or price. All will be revealed on the 29th of september.


Via Phil Morse / DigitalDJTips


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