Celemony Artists Series – New Melodyne tutorials and films

In six new video tutorials, Celemony demonstrates techniques for the editing of lead vocals, the creation of way-out guitar parts, and the extraction and remixing of lead vocals from a playback using Melodyne. Other themes covered in the tutorials include the construction of beats from one-shot samples and the creative use of Melodyne’s Amplitude and Formant tools.

In two new films in the Artists Series, Hans-Martin Buff (Prince, Scorpions) and Jason Phats (Phats & Small) offer insights into their ways of thinking and working, and discuss their use of Melodyne.

Tutorial videos:

Making beats with One Shot Samples 

Close to the beat: craft grooves using one-shot samples

–  Techniques for editing Pop Vocals

Get the most out of your vocals with these techniques

–  Guitar in the style of Tom Morello

A few right clicks turn simple guitar notes into the solo of a pro

Creative use of the Amplitude Tool

Crank up or quite down parts of vocals, guitars and drumloops

Demixing and Remixing a Vocal Phrase

Relocation service: isolate a vocal phrase and fit it to a new arrangement

–  Creative use of formants

How to work with the Formant tool for creative editing

Artist videos:

Hans-Martin Buff (Prince, Scorpions)

“I don’t like a piece of equipment doing the thinking for me. With Melodyne I can do it myself.”

Jason Phats (Phats & Small)

“Melodyne is like a sequencer within the sequencer. It’s full of power.”

You can find more videos at http://www.celemony.com/id/videos or Celemony’s YouTube channel.

Further Information: www.celemony.com


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