Sonalksis Version 3 Plug-ins Released

Sonalksis is pleased to announce the launch of Version 3 of the Sonalksis Studio One Plug-in Suite. All Sonalksis Plug-ins have been updated to take advantage of 64 bit processors and operating systems, and to ensure compatibility with your favourite audio software packages for years to come. Fully compatible with Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

Version 3 of Sonalksis Plug-ins offer the following enhancements:
– Support for 64 bit hosts (VST and AudioUnit) – Support for 64 bit Mac OS X Lion and Windows 7
– Optimisations for 64 bit systems
– Additional optimisations and stability fixes for 32 bit systems

To upgrade your plug-ins to the latest version simply run the Sonalksis Plugin Manager and log in by selecting the ‘existing user’ option. The Sonalksis Plugin Manager is available for download from here.

64 bit licences
To use the Version 3 plug-ins in 64 bit mode you will require a 64 bit licence. You can upgrade all your licences to 64 bit licences for a one-off upgrade fee of €55 (Europe) or $75 (ROW) from within the Upgrade Centre.
Alternatively, if you purchase new plug-in(s) from the Online Store then all your existing licences will be automatically upgraded to 64 bit licences.

Additional notes
– Upgrading to version 3 is recommended for all users, even those using 32 bit hosts, as there are a number of optimisation and stability fixes included.
– all RTAS plug-ins are still 32 bit only
– the original SV-315 and SV-517 (pre Mk2 versions) are no longer being actively maintained, and are not available in 64 bit versions. Upgrades to Mk2 plug-ins are available in the Upgrade Centre.



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