MIDIBridge for 16 AudioCubes now available

Kim Pedersen, a musician from Denmark active in ambient music has been working on an installation project involving 12 AudioCubes in sensor mode. In case you missed the original story, you can read more here.

Kim Pedersen reached out to Nick Rothwell from Cassiel to develop a custom Max/MSP patch to power the installation, and Nick reached out to me for some help with hooking up 12 AudioCubes to the patch. Nick Rothwell has been working with both MIDIBridge and the OSC server in the project, which also involves Ableton Live for playing back sounds and multiple PCs and Macs.

Because MIDIBridge only supports up to 4 cubes connected via cables to a computer, I started considering adding support for more than 4 cubes in MIDIBridge, especially since other artists such as Mark Mosher, the creator of 9Box for AudioCubes and active electronic musician and blogger, have asked for support as well. So here it is, MIDIBridge with support for up to 16 AudioCubes!

Download links for MIDIBridge2 for 16 AudioCubes (r39):
MIDIBridge2 (Mac OSX) (r39)
MIDIBridge2 (Windows) (r39)



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