Slate Digital VCC RC Tube Now Available

The VCC RC TUBE model brings the sound of a 1950’s all tube broadcast mixing console into your Digital Audio Workstation. Using both a channel plugin and mixbuss plugin, the RC TUBE will add true, nonlinear, dynamic analog artifacts that will make your mixes warmer, fatter, deeper, and richer sounding.

Furthermore, the RC-TUBE Mixbuss plugin can be used in the mastering stage as a stereo mix processor when you want to add life and “vibe” to the mix.

Unlike many “tube plugins”, the RC-TUBE uses 100% dynamic nonlinear algorithms designed by master DSP engineer Fabrice Gabriel to reproduce every subtle nuance of a vintage tube circuit.

RC-Tube consists of two plugins, Virtual Channel and Virtual Mixbuss. Virtual Channel is applied on individual mixing channels. Virtual Mixbuss goes on the first insert of the master fader. “When using the Virtual Console Collection, your DAW instantly takes on the personality of a real analog mixing desk. The imaging and depth improves, instruments sit better in the frequency spectrum, and mixing becomes easier and more musical. You can even push the DAW faders up to find each mixer’s “sweet spot“, says Slate.

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