SmartAV Tango 2 Audio Workstation Controller Released

SmartAV thrilled to announce the release of Tango 2, the next hardware generation of our innovative audio workstation controller. This major upgrade improves upon the already impressive efficiencies of the Tango workflow, enhancing the user’s experience to allow for even greater control and customization capabilities. While the latest changes to the Tango are functional as well as cosmetic, the physical size and footprint of the system will remain the same, retaining the Tango’s stylish design and unique usability.

The most ingenious mixing experience ever is now at your finger tips

As part of the continuing drive to improve the Tango’s features the Smart AV’s Tango team are pleased to announce the release of a hardware upgrade to the Tango. The changes include some functional ones as well as cosmetic. Smart AV expects that this major upgrade will increase the already widespread appeal of the Tango, as well as the efficiencies of the users workflow experience.

With super fast communication via a single 100Mbit Ethernet cable we have control of:

They have combined patented ARC Technology with a huge 22 inch wide (16:9) touch screen to produce the most versatile and intuitive workstation controller yet. Tango 2 offers music and post production features not available on anything else.

More features. Same footprint

The physical size and footprint remains the same but the additional features on the Tango 2 are as follows:

  • Long throw silent pushbuttons.
  • OLED displays on all programmable buttons.
  • Ability to switch the input of the LCD screen to the DAW display.
  • 6 programmable GPI input / outputs.
  • Sliding keyboard tray which retracts into the body.
  • Fully customisable graphics, using programmable colour grading control.

The software that runs on Tango 2 will be compatible to the current Tango so that any future software revisions that are not hardware dependant will be available for the Tango 1. We will still continue to support the current Tango 1 users as we have done in the past.

More information and details at the SmartAV website.

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