Steinberg HALion 4 Trial Version now available

Steinberg released the trial version of HALion 4. With its top sampling and mixing engine, the virtual analog synthesizer and countless other features, HALion 4 provides a versatile solution to consistently push the envelope of sound design.

Combining sampling and synthesis technologies with mixing options, its unique morphing filter and FlexPhraser arpeggiator, the enhanced MegaTrig tool, more than 40 studio-grade effects and a vast library that spans over 1,600 sounds make HALion 4 an eminently powerful virtual instrument. HALion’s most prominent advantage is possibly the implementation of VST 3.5, with its innovative Note Expression for editing expression data polyphonically.

Availability and pricing
The 60-day HALion 4 trial version is available through the Steinberg website and requires a USB-eLicenser dongle. The full retail version of HALion 4 is available through the Steinberg Online Shop and authorized Steinberg resellers for EUR 349, including German VAT, and GBP 295, including British VAT.

Features at a glance
• Award-winning 32-bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine with up to 192 kHz, 32 stereo outputs and 6-channel surround support
• Flexible user interface for customizing and saving windows and screen sets
• Multi-monitor support for perfect overview of large projects
• Virtual Analog Synthesis Engine offers multiple oscillator types, additional sub and noise oscillators and cross-modulation support
• VST 3.5 and VST Expression 2 support for unique instrument articulation management and expression control on single-note level
• Flexible signal routing with free assignable buses per layer, virtual audio mixing console with 8 inserts per channel and 4 Aux sends
• MegaTrig for easy programming of playing styles and articulations without page-filling scripting
• Drag and drop for quick and easy sample mapping
• Unlimited undo/redo plus Undo History for hassle-free sound experiments
• Automatic on-the-fly mapping during import
• Outstanding library with more than 1,600 instrument sounds created by top sound experts at Steinberg and Yamaha
• 64-bit Disk-Streaming technology for high performance sample playback
• Integrated MediaBay sound management system for immediate access to the library
• Flexible Quick Controls per program and layer for instant access to sound and FX parameters and easy automation in the host
• Unique morphing filters seamlessly blend between up to four of the 24 filter types
• FlexPhraser module for dynamically driving beats and arpeggios, plus complex tonal phrases with automatic articulation switching
• Wide range of audio effects on board including REVerence convolution reverb to fuel each program and layer with up to 8 insert effects
• Advanced Cubase integration including seamless exchange of extended parameters like slice information and VST Expression Maps
• Comprehensive import compatibility of HALion 3 sounds (FXP, HSB) and common formats as Giga, EXS and Kontakt
• Professional standalone version included
• Cross-platform compatibility with PC 32/64-bit (VST 3, VST 2.4) and Mac OS X 32/64-bit (VST 3, AU) plug-in support



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