Wavetable expansion for Tone2 ElectraX released

The Wavetable expansion features an inspiring selection of 200 presets for ElectraX programmed by a team of professional sound designers using new wavetables.

The expansion focuses on ElectraX’ capabilities to import and resynthesize oscillator shapes to deliver a wide palette of action packed sequences, multi-layered arps, complex soundscapes, deep pads, gritty basses and rich synth sounds.

Wavetable ships with 236 new waveforms ready to be imported into ElectraX’ wavetable oscillators and further shape modulated using its PW feature. The bundled waveforms are also compatible with your favorite sound editor and other plugins that support wav import.

The Wavetable expansion is suitable for Electronic, IDM, Soundtrack, Dance, Ambient, House and a wide variety of other music genres.

For more information please visit the Tone2 website.


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