Expansion Controllers for Livid Instruments OhmRGB and Block

The XPC Expansion Controllers are a perfect addition to your Block or OhmRGB. These hand-held controllers plug right into your expansion jack and extend your realm of control. The XPC controllers are plug and play and don’t require any special setup. Housed in a sleek anodized aluminum case, these handy modules come in a variety of configurations that adds more continuous control to your rig.

The XPC Controllers effortlessly connect to your Block or OhmRGB through their 10 pin expansion ports with a single ribbon cable. The XPC series controllers allow you to add additional controls to your setup without having to add a bunch of extra gear and doesn’t take up additional USB ports. You can easily swap modules for different needs, too. Their compact size packs in a lot of control without taking up too much space in your studio or your bag. These controllers can also be used with our Builder series and can connect directly to the Brain.

Livid Instruments



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