A day in the studio with Balance from Propellerhead

When Uprock Audio in Sacramento, California got their hands on the new Balance with Reason Essentials package they set about on a new creative project. The plan was simple enough: They wanted to record a song with a local artist, produce it, then sample it, remix it, and turn it into a second entirely new hip hop song… all in one day!

Propellerhead captured the process, spoke to Dean and John at Uprock Audio about the project, and put it all together into a music video. You can hear the song that resulted from their day’s work and get a glimpse into the social aspect that Uprock Audio uses for inspiration, motivation, and just plain fun.

You can even download the song in reason demo song format to get an up close look at how this track was produced: www.uprockaudio.com/2011/11/15/mistaken/


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