The Secrets of House Music Production – iPad Edition from Sample Magic

After selling 10,000+ copies of the The Secrets of House Music Production book, Sample Magic is delighted to announce the release of the all-new iPad Edition. The expanded iPad edition features all of the original content PLUS 340+ audio examples, 60+ interactive walkthroughs, 38 realtime beat-building grids, 3 full pro-track arrangements, a complete effects directory and much more.

Every paragraph from the original book has been ported into one beautiful looking, easy to use App that covers all aspects of making house music – from creating beats to programming basslines, from arrangement to production, mixing and mastering. 

New features include:
– Every step of every walkthrough offered with interactive audio.
– Song arrangements broken down with original tracks included.
– A unique new section showcasing what different effects do.
– A ‘perfect mix’ table showing how good – and bad – mixes sound.
– Beats broken down into their constituent elements and then rebuilt, step by step.

COSTS: Free download with example pages. £4.99/$6.99 for individual chapters. £19.49/$27.99 for full book. Special price for those who own the book already – email for details.

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