Mixmo DJ – First PRO DJ app on the iPad

Mixmo DJ is taking all the main features for the pro DJ in one, easy to use, accessible interface for the iPad.

A small compact solution in the form of an iPad, which should be hooked up to: a mixer compelled by a second iPad, to perform the art of DJ’ing. 

The DJ can use any audio file, which can be synced with the music library of the iPad.

A DJ could even use songs bought in the iTunes store, which makes it possible to mix with Mixmo DJ Pro and use the latest songs from iTunes.

 With Mixmo DJ Pro a DJ never has to say: “I don’t have that song with me”

* Internet connection required

Scratch, pitch, change tempo, record important cues and loop your music how you are used to in the clubs.
Everything, which is needed for the DJ in an app, that is suitable for pro DJ usage.


– Import songs directly from the music Library

– Load multiple songs into a crate

– Set and store cue points

– Vinyl scratch mode

– Jog mode

– Autocue

– Key lock

– Pitch bend with buttons or digital jog

– Wave display

– Live loop

– Store loops

– Record and use hotcues and hotloops

– Use hotcues and hotloops in the crate (switch quickly between tracks)

– Sync (hot)cues and (hot)loops between other iPads running Mixmo DJ Pro

– Customize the look of the app

*Mixmo DJ Pro* is a DJ app which let’s you control music with a single deck on an iPad. Runs best on iPad 2.

Pricing  = $ 18.99 / € 14.99 / £ 13.49

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