Win Balance, Reason 6, SoundCloud Pro Membership

The Unnofficial Apple Weblog ( and featured Reason artist Olivia Broadfield have just announced a new remix competition with over $1000 dollars in prizes!

Throughout the month of January you can create your own remix of her song “Say,” which is included as a demo song in Reason 6. Olivia and will be reviewing the songs as they’re submitted to SoundCloud and announcing a winner in February.

If you don’t already own Reason 6, Propellerhead are helping out by providing fully functional trial licenses for Reason 6 that you can use throughout the competition. Read below for prize details and good luck!

Get rules and a Reason 6 trial license by emailing

The winner will receive a new Propellerhead “Balance with Reason Essentials” package plus an upgrade to Reason 6 (a $668 value).

But wait… there’s more! You will also get a free one year Pro membership to, which gives you 36 upload hours, custom widgets, professional insight, and pro support (a $300 value)!

But keep waiting… there’s still more!! You will also get a mug and a t-shirt from (which is priceless, really).

And of course, Olivia will be giving you a signed copy of her album. Your remix might even become part of Olivia’s radio singles submission package to thousands of stations around the world!

So if you don’t have it yet, get a hold of Reason 6 and get crackin’!




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