Alesis announces AmpDock for iPad

The Alesis AmpDock harnesses the massive processing power of your iPad, allowing you to unleash your ultimate guitar tone.

It’s the world’s first device for guitarists that enables tonal shaping through iPad’s processor. Whether you’re in the studio or on the stage, the AmpDock helps you create “the sound in your head” with real controls and professional inputs and outputs that work with virtually any app, as well as your amp and pedal setup.


Unrivaled guitar processing power at your fingertips: the AmpDock, only from Alesis.


  • The first professional guitar processor to use your iPad or iPad 2 for signal processing
  • Works with GarageBand, AmpKit, AmpliTube and virtually any audio or Core MIDI app
  • Includes a rugged pedalboard controller with program, effect, bypass, volume and continuous controls
  • Guitar Input 1 and switchable Mic/Line/Guitar Input 2, professional outputs and MIDI jacks • Kickstand allows for stable positioning on top of guitar amps • Hinged door completely encloses and secures your iPad 
  • Mountable to a mic stand using the Alesis Module Mount (sold separately)
  • 1⁄4” high-impedance guitar input and combo input for microphone, second guitar, or another instrument
  • XLR-1⁄4” combo outputs with Guitar/Line impedance switch
  • Stereo auxiliary inputs and outputs for connection to external effects
  • Two assignable endless knobs to control parameters in compatible apps
  • Analog Input 1, Input 2, Main and Headphone volume controls
  • MIDI input and outputs and USB MIDI jack for use with other controllers and MIDI software or hardware


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