Daring Audio introduces bass and guitar pedal

Daring Audio Inc, the leader in Professional Bass Pedals, today announces a new innovative High Definition (HD) model to broaden its product line. The Edge Activator HD is 100% analog circuitry, has a high-headroom preamp and expanded features and versatility, and a constant volume continuous wet/dry blend capability between two internal channels.

The original Edge Activator is particularly well respected for accentuating slapping, popping, tapping, and harmonics techniques. The new Edge Activator HD brings enhanced harmonic excitation and natural overdrive, as well as previous “new string sounds” with bite, overtones, and excellent control over frequency response. Based on user feedback, the Daring Audio Edge Activator HD incorporates all these additional new features:

  • Two position EQ midrange toggle switch “EQ-Hi” for high midrange cut or boost, and “EQ-Lo” for low midrange cut or boost, with carefully selected frequency centers for enhancing the differences due to playing technique changes: for slap, pop, tapping and harmonics on bass.
  • Expansion of the Range control allowing differing amounts of excited or overdrive frequencies to be added in. This expansion now covers some of the range from our classic overdrive Particle Beam product for added versatility.
  • Expansion of the Gain control, enabling line level signals for re-amping, previously requiring the Pad switch and now allowing more boost if needed.
  • A new toggle switch “Crisp/Smooth” where Crisp allows a full range 20-20K Hz for active bright sounds and Smooth provides high-end roll-off for more vintage or classic rock overdrive settings, particularly useful on guitar signals.
  • The Blend control now goes 100% wet to 100% dry, allowing use of the preamp with or without the effects of blended overdrive and excitation.
  • The new Edge Activator HD is tested and sounds amazing on guitar as well; it can make a Les Paul sounding guitar sound sharp and brilliant like a Stratocaster with extra ping, clarity and high harmonics, or a Strat sounding guitar sound thick and full like a Les Paul for smoother leads and more mid-range chunk and punch by adjusting the EQ knob and switches. Tube like natural overdrive can be added or subtracted according to taste – with unique control over which frequencies receive the distortion.

Like all other Daring Audio pedals, this one has 18V high headroom on a single 9V battery or standard center-negative Boss style 9V adapter and true-bypass switching. Pricing is $199 for each pedal. The Edge Activator HD will be available March, 2012. Pre-orders are available now.

See the website here: www.daringaudio.com/namm2012/


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