Koma Elektronik Kommander – Infrared Motion X-Y Controller

Want to create the perfect filter sweep or manually trigger a gate or step through a sequencer? No more need to turn knobs or to patch up a lot of modules, the KOMMANDER makes it simple: just plug it into a CV input on your (modular) synthesizer, move your hand over the device and the weirdest sounds will come out.

The KOMMANDER is a handheld dual infrared X-Y motion controller that makes controlling your instruments intuitive and fun. The device measures the distance to your hand or any other surface and sends out corresponding CV signals between 0 and 8 volts. The closer you have your hand to the KOMMANDER, the higher the output voltage. This will allow you to create weird synth sounds, trigger a drum machine, control effect pedals or any other instrument that is capable of receiving CV signals.

Because of our innovative circuit design there is no interference from sunlight or stage light, so the musician can use it wherever she or he wants. Just plug the KOMMANDER into your Eurorack Modular System, Buchla, Moog, Roland or any other synthesizer and create.


  • 2 IR sensors with optical crosstalk

  • 2 mini jack outputs (one for each sensor)

  • Sensing range trimmer on the inside

  • 0 – 8V CV output (prototype)

  • 9V DC input (final version might run on 12V, Doepfer/Eurorack standard)

Availability and pricing:
The KOMMANDER will be available at www.koma-elektronik.com or at KOMA Elektronik Dealers worldwide from Q2 2012 for approximately 59.00 EUR / 75.00 USD (incl. VAT).

Technical specifications and pricing are still subject to change as this product is still under development.



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