Camel Audio releases three new powered by Alchemy sound libraries

Camel Audio is proud to announce availability of three highly-affordable additions to its ‘powered by Alchemy’ range of sound libraries, each working as a standalone software instrument when used with the included free ‘host’ Alchemy Player, allowing users to tweak the sounds using its performance controls and remix pad…

DREAM VOICES (£39 GBP/€49 EUR/$59 USD) is a 150-preset sound library (with 1,200 variations) comprising a haunting medley of angelic solos, choral washes, and intricately-woven vocal gymnastics. Morphed, mutated, and modulated voices combine to create ethereal soundscapes, scanned vowels, alien lifeforms, and otherworldly articulations. Wordless vocal sounds, phrases, improvised vocal effects, and even vocal percussion and drum kits round out a collection that is both inspirational and harmonically rich. Dream Voices features nearly 1.3GB of new vocal samples, exclusively recorded for Camel Audio, that showcase the individual character of the four fantastic female solo vocalists involved — Anna-Lynne Williams (Trespassers William), Anneke Kampman (Conquering Animal Sound), Chantal Acda (Sleepdog), and Elly May Irving (Glissando). All four have numerous commercial releases available, and have extensively toured internationally. They have been involved with many interesting collaborations — Anna-Lynne Williams appears on The Chemical Brothers’ Push the Button album, for example.

All three sound libraries can be securely ordered from Camel Audio (, and directly downloaded as (larger) Alchemy Player versions or smaller-sized files (without Alchemy Player) for use with Alchemy, the ultimate sample manipulation soft synth plug-in (available separately for £179 GBP/€199 EUR/$249 USD).

HIMALAYA: VINTAGE (£39 GBP/€49 EUR/$59 USD) is another 150-preset sound library (with 1,200 variations), this time tapping into funk, fusion, old school electronica, and synth pop; with nearly 600MB of new samples, it offers instruments with an authentic vintage vibe and playablity — Arp Solina, Hohner Clavinet, Mellotron, mini Korg-700, Moog Minimoog, Oberheim OB-Xa, and Roland VP-330 Vocoder. Enjoy squelchy basses, rich multi-layered pads, cutting synths, dancing arps, shimmering strings, and breathy choirs. Alchemy’s resynthesis and granular engines have also been used to add a selection of sounds with a more contemporary edge, as well as a huge number of creative performance and modulation options — perfectly programmed by Himalaya himself, highly regarded for his sound design work with a variety of synthesisers.

BIOLABS: DARK SPACE (£25 GBP/€29 EUR/$35 USD) is a nightmare blend of science fiction and horror that is both fascinating yet strangely chilling; featuring an extensive collection of moody and twisted soundscapes, tortured machines, a host of distressed hits, scrapes and evolving impacts, possessed basses, freaky effects and disembodied voices, its 75 presets (with 600 variations) are mini-worlds of possibilities, fuelled by fiendishly clever programming by Biomechanoid — well known for his original Biolabs: Alchemy Labs collection, and Absynth presets, plus notable forays into Hollywood movie and games sound design. Polyphonic Aftertouch has been carefully crafted into all presets for greater expression; the latest Alchemy Mobile iOS app update (v1.1) transmits Polyphonic Aftertouch, opening up an even wider world of expressive sound control — imagine being able to sweep through each sample of a chord, or tweak the filter of each held note with your fingertips, for instance! With over 1GB of newly sampled material spanning warped alien artefacts to liquid terrors, Biolabs: Dark Space is by turns organic and machine-like — a wicked confection to bend your music in strange new ways!


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