Rob Papen Blade – Harmolator Video

With a unique sound generator at its heart, and the tools to add unprecedented movement and evolving changes, BLADE is an additive synthesis engine that has an individual character and flexibility never seen before in a software synth. With the video below Rob Rapen shows us more about the features of the “Harmolator” within Blade.

The Harmolator 

The power of Blade lies in the Harmolator – a set of global controls that get to the heart of the synthesis engine without the need to edit the additive partials that make up the waveform. 

The Harmolator allows oscillator spreading, fattening the sound and also square / sine wave sub-oscillator. What´s more, the sound can be modified further by the 21 per-voice distortions types and 14filter types allowing you to create a vast range of sounds.

Rob Papen



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