G-Sonique MSX5 – Headphone monitoring system released

G-Sonique have released their take on headphone monitoring system software, called MSX5. These days, more and more hobby and professional musicians and mix-engineers are producing and mixing on headphones. Why? Simply because the facts are: highest quality studio headphones are much cheaper than mid-range studio monitors. There is no negative influence of room acoustics on the sound. You don’t need to invest so much money into correcting studio room acoustics and damping systems, all good headphones have almost linear frequency response starting at the deepest sub-basses, 20 hz (while only the most expensive speaker systems with sub-woofers in ideally acoustically treated rooms can reproduce these frequencies correctly). 

But it is well known fact, that it is nearly impossible to mix correctly on headphones only and focus your hearing on the sound while wearing cans. Why? Because of physics and the differences of listening to headphones and speaker systems. When you are listening to music/mixes on speakers you can hear sound coming from the right speaker not only in the right ear but also in the left ear (with frequency and time distortion/delay of a few milliseconds). Similarly, sound coming from the left speaker is audible also in the right ear.

Monitors angle – this feature simulates angle of rotation of studio monitors/speakers towards your head/ears. In professional recording/mixing studios speakers are usually rotated 15 – 25 degrees.
Monitors distance – this feature simulates distance of monitors in room from your head/ears.
Center balance – by this knob you can attenuate level of phantom center to hear wider stereo signal
Main volume – control output volume of all system

For more information visit : Monitor MSX5 – Headphone monitoring system / VST plug-in / MIX ON HEADPHONES

Get it just for 38,- Eur – time limited introduction price.


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