Livetronica Studio – Loop DAW … kinda!

A few weeks back we came across this software from Stagecraft Software from San Francisco, CA. At the time we didn’t really know what to think as it we thought it would be another DJ software. But, as usual, after a while (and after watching some videos) we realised it is much more then just a DJ software. It is more like a software for live acts, actually. Livetronica Studio combines all the functionality of a traditional hardware looper (Rec,Stack,Reverse,A->B, etc..) with the more salient features of software loopers (syncing to a master bpm, independent bpm and freq shifting in real time, advanced beat splicing).

Additionally, Livetronica comes equipped with the best virtual turntables available. VST and AU compatibility round out the combination, allowing you to use plugins that model virtual instruments, effects and amplifiers. Livetronica focuses on delivering the best immediate creative flow for serious looping musicians, allowing immediate loop capture, manipulation and turntablism.


  • independent loop tracks with all the functionality of any hardware looper
  • virtual turntables which can be scratched with mouse, timecoded vinyl or midi devices
  • beat splicing and bpm shifting on loops/turntables or master tempo
  • excellent, versatile midi learn function
  • infinite stacking on any loop
  • volume,pan,mute,solo for each loop independently
  • multiply, overwrite, append, stutter, reverse
  • tempo and pitch shifting
  • auto fade in/out
  • VST/AU hosting for effects and instruments
  • crossfade, grouping, intelligent turntable resyncing

Stagecraft Software




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