Virsyn KLON – The Vocal Designer 2.0 Available Now

The heart of the vocal designer plugin KLON is a harmonic pitch shifter for natural pitch and formant manipulation of vocal sounds in realtime.

KLON takes your voice and adds up to 16 different copies of your voice in realtime. This lays the ground for an impressive amount of applications like:
– Choir generator
– Harmonizer
– Voice doubler
– Change voice’s gender
– Pitch corrector
– Extreme voice manipulation

The 16 pitch shifters inside KLON are divided into 4 groups making it easy to build up large choral parts from a simple, single vocal line. The four separate, switchable groups have their own dedicated set of controls. These controls include an x-y pad for fast, easy control of pitch and panorama. Each group can be altered in real time while music is playing or can be by-passed, edited and switched back on when required. The pitch for each group can be shifted by up to +/- two octaves with adjustable formant control retaining voice quality even at extreme settings. All of those controls are available for host automation for unsurpassed dynamic voice manipulations.

KLON includes a flexible and adaptive pitch correction to any given scale or external MIDI notes and chords. Think of playing a chord to immediately harmonizing your vocal input.
The realtime manipulation possibilities together with the low latency operation makes KLON the ideal live plugin for vocals.

– Totally revised pitch shifting engine for maximum sound fidelity.
– Ultralow latency for realtime operation.
– Separate handling for transients and consonants.
– Improved choir algorithm. 
– CPU load reduction.

– VST3: MIDI Pitchbend working now

Now only Euro 99.- for orders till May 31st 2012.

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