AIAIAI TMA-1 Beatport Limited Edition

AIAIAI and Beatport share a lot of common ground. One common denominator is the love of electronic dance music in all shapes and forms and another is the global DJing scene, which both companies have steadily serviced over the last couple of years.

In this way, the AIAIAI x Beatport colab does (if we employ a prevalent, if slightly overused, internal AIAIAI phrase) make a lot of sense. It’s high-performance DJ gear mixed with the discerning DJ’s dynamic go-to for new sound; it’s timeless design cross-bred with electronic dance music music and the result is the special edition pair of headphones that’s right here staring you in the face: the TMA-1 Beatport edition.

The new AIAIAI x Beatport cans feature:

• The tried and tested durability, design and audio design of the original TMA-1
• Fresh, green Beatport colours on chord and headphones
• 5 dollar voucher for Beatport ensuring immediate access to a vast array of electronic artists

If you dig the TMA-1, use Beatport and want a bit of color on your headphones, we dare say that the TMA-1 Beatport edition are the headphones for you. And if you’re just looking to buy a new pair of quality headphones and don’t mind standing out from the crowd, the new edition of the TMA-1 should also service you quite nicely.

For detailed and comprehensive information, check out the TMA-1 Beatport edition page in their shop.



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