Crysonic SpectraLive Vision – Audio Vitalizer Announced

CRYSONIC today Announced their next incarnation of their Main Flagship Product Called SPECTRALIVE VISION. “This is a big announcement for us and we are very excited to introduce a Completely new VISION for SPECTRALIVE which now utilizes a greatly improved version of our proprietary Audio Vitality and Enhancement Engine“, Said Director of PR James Riley from Crysonic.

Spectralive VISION also encapsulates the best features of all previous Spectralive products and eliminates clutter with a new visual work flow paradigm. The unique Spectralive process created by Crysonic in 2004 is designed to add more warmth, much Better stereo coherence, significantly less phase distortion, great reduction of frequency masking, extra sparkle, more presence, improved spectral definition and less harmonic distortion to any stereo audio material.

There is no more need to choose different Algorithms or Process settings anymore, Just choose from the 5 global source audio types of which you would like to enhance and you are good to go (we also provide two types on each to give a little more variation). If you are unsure just choose the ‘ General ‘ button and adjust the main VITALITY Dial to your liking, that is it! The Spectalive Processor is in use by over 50,000 musicians worldwide and Spectralive VISION Audio Vitality/ Enhancer takes it to the next level with the VISION Engine.

Spectralive VISION is also touted to be much leaner and much more efficient in CPU utilization, Crysonic strongly recommend everyone using the previous versions of Spectralive to eventually (or immediately) taking advantage of this new VISION version of Spectralive. SPECTRALIVE VISION is Available Now to all current Crysonic customers for PC and Mac OSX in 32 and 64-bit versions before any public release and will be available world wide on the 11th of June this Monday.

More information on Spectralive VISION including the upcoming Demo Version can be found on the crysonic website on

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