Kid Koala tours new project with A&H iLive

Kid Koala has adopted a compact iLive system to mix his new Space Cadet live project. Touring venues such as planetariums, biospheres and space museums, Kid Koala performs a live rendition of his latest album, Space Cadet, and each member of the audience is equipped with their own set of headphones installed in individual inflatable ‘space pods’. The show uses an iDR-16 MixRack and an xDR-16 expander unit to cater for the large number of mixes required.

The show format requires a 32-channel mixer, which ordinarily would take close to 4 hours to set up venue to venue. However, with this Allen & Heath iLive system, we are essentially bringing our own console everywhere we go and it fits into two 3 rack space bags. We can even take them as carry on luggage when we fly!” comments tour manager, Ryhna Thompson.

iLive enables Kid Koala to store all of the EQ and dynamics for each instrument input, significantly reducing set up time.

Our system has enough outputs to feed the headphone transmitters, our surround ambient speakers and the subwoofers. Also, with the iLive Mixpad app, an iPad and wifi router, we can check and adjust the mix from anywhere in the room in real time,” adds Thompson.


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