Massey Plugins CT5 Compressor released

Massey Plugins have released their long awaited compressor update, the CT5. The CT5 is a revision of their popular CT4 compressor. The sonic characteristics that made the CT4 such a versatile and easy-to-use compressor remain intact.

The core sound remains 99% the same; I’m tweaking one of the internal filters for the better and improving the dynamic range of the compression circuit,” says Steven Massey.

The new model improves on a good thing by adding a more aggressive, higher ratio compression curve option, a wet-dry signal blending control, and sidechain input capability. Further, Steven explains, “The highest compression setting on the CT4 is equivalent to about 8 on the CT5, even without the limit option enabled. Thus, more compression is available to the user, which is, of course, better.

Many of these new features were implemented due to customer requests. “We encourage feedback, not just from the beta testers, but from everyday users,” says the newest guy at Massey Plugins, Kevin Weber. “I truly enjoy checking in on our web forum and seeing what folks have to say. Sure there are some unrealistic requests, but some spot on ones as well. We take those ideas to heart, even the crazy ones.”

The CT5 is bundled alongside the CT4 with a price of $75. Existing CT4 owners can upgrade to the new package for a nominal $3. The plugin is available for purchase and download at Massey Plugins Inc. and will be offered in AudioSuite, RTAS, and TDM plug-in formats.




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