LinPlug CrX4 for Mac and PC released

LinPlug hereby announces the release of the CrX4 Sample Synthesizer AU and VST plugin for Mac OS X and Windows PC. CrX4 is the successor to the CronoX 3 and uses any kind of samples as raw material for synthesis. CrX4 includes a range of virtual analogue features such as a variety of oscillators, unison detuning, amplitude and frequency modulation, the unique free-type-filter, an arpeggiator, and a modulation matrix, wicked LFO’s and a comprehensive effects section.

The key feature of CrX4 that distinguishes it from other synths is its unique sampling engine and its free-type-filter which allows sounds no other instrument can produce. Using these features and the CrX4 realtime modulation options supports highly expressive performances and complex evolving sounds.

Main Features (short list)
– Time-Sampler with real-time modulatable time-stretching and pitch-shifting
– Wavetable Generator that offers wavetable operations on any sample (modulatable)
– Loop Sampler Generator with realtime modulatable loop-points and sample-start
– Additional analogue-modeled Oscillator and versatile Noise Oscillator
– Free Filter with unique, continuously modulatable filter-type (LP->BP->HP->BR->LP)
– 7 ADSFR or AHDSR-type envelopes for various purposes and 4 LFOs (up to 275 Hz) – Modulation Matrix with 10 routings and 68 destinations
– “MIDI Learn” function for easy controller assignment
– 6 simultaneously available multi effect units
– more than 1000 factory presets from some of the world’s finest sound designers

Main new features in comparison to its predecessor CronoX 3 are
– much feature enhanced and faster LFOs
– envelopes switchable between ADSFR and AHDSR with shape now individually adjustable for every phase
– enhanced oscillators allowing more modulation and wider modulation ranges
– all-on-one-edit-page design with much larger sample display
– new noise oscillator with double filter, pitching and cross modulation
– switchable CronoX 2 sound compatibility (automatically on loading CronoX 2 presets)
– new editing functions (typically load, save, copy, paste and init for many modules)
– all sample content comes now in WAV format (for easier processing outside CrX4)
– new preset browser with full size bank or patch view
– About 500 reworked CronoX 3 presets + currently about 200 new presets, more are planned

The LinPlug CrX4 is exclusively available as download from LinPlug. It comes with an 70 page English manual in PDF format and more than 1000 factory presets.

The license fee is 149 US$ / 119 Euro. The upgrade from either CronoX 2 or CronoX 3 is both 39 US$ / 29 Euro.

A demo version is available at



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