Smartphone and Tablet support added to Pioneer rekordbox

With the recent increase of DJs who play using music files, many people are using music management software installed on computers to control the music they own. At the same time, the massive popularity of smartphones and tablets is leading to increased demand for mobile based management of music used in DJ play as well as demand for ability to give DJ performances using music stored inside smartphones. In order to satisfy these demands, Pioneer will provide a smartphone and tablet version of the rekordbox DJ music management software for download free of charge as of August 21, 2012.

– Music files can be transferred from rekordbox™ (Mac/Windows) to mobile devices, cues and loops can be set and beat grids can be checked and adjusted. Also, music files already on mobile devices can be added to the rekordbox (Smartphone/Tablet) library in preparation for DJ performances.

– DJ performances can be held by connecting Pioneer DJ players supporting rekordbox™ (Smartphone/Tablet). Music files on mobile devices can be browsed comfortably on the touch panel and loaded onto DJ players.

– The history of music files that have been loaded onto DJ players and played can be stored as playlists that can be used for future DJ performances.

DJ play through Wi-Fi connection to XDJ-AREO
By downloading rekordbox™ for smart phones and tablets (free of charge), and connecting the Wireless DJ System via Wi-Fi, DJ play can be enjoyed using music stored in each of these devices(Max four devices). In addition, the included “rekordbox™ (Mac/Windows)” music management software for DJ play enables DJing with music stored inside a Windows PCs and Mac.

Download: App Store / Google Play





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