More Korg News – Limited Editions MicroKey USB Keyboards

The limited color editions will aslo be available for the microKey USB keyboard series. With its great-feeling natural-touch mini-keyboard, the microKEY USB MIDI keyboard lets you assemble a music production system in a compact space.

Two limited-edition colour variation models of the 25- and 37-key models of the microKEY are now available. The cool Full Black features an elegant black based colour scheme where the white keys are also black. The distinctive high contrast of the Black & Red model is sure to raise the energy level of your playing with its black and red reversed keyboard. Both of these models provide stylish looks that overflow with personality that will reignite the fire in your creativity.

Main features
• Limited edition custom colours
• The Full Black model features an elegant black based colour scheme
• The Black & Red model has a unique high-energy colour scheme featuring black and red reversed keys
• Play Today Software Bundle

In addition to the software lineup already bundled with the existing 37-key model, a synthesizer sound module and an acoustic guitar sound module have been added, and the 61-key model comes complete with a license for the Korg Legacy Collection of legendary Korg synthesizers in software form.

The microKEY ships with a complete bundle of software licenses and discount coupons so you can start making music right away. Shipping will start in november 2012.




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