Tone2 Audiosoftware release Vocaloid for ElectraX

Ever wanted to hear your synth growl like a wild animal or sing like a choir of angels? Look no further, Vocaloid offer the best selection of presets with a clear focus on vocal and formant sounds.

Packed full of vocal pads, vocoders, rhythmical sections, human beatboxes and sound effects, Vocaloid shows the versatility of ElectraX‘s powerful wavetable synthesis and sampler features. Over 240 individual presets with new wavetables and samples, each created by professional sound designers to inspire and fill your vocal effect section with new ideas, from an ambient choir to a nasty growl, the Vocaloid soundset unleashes the true power of ElectraX.

This vocal library contains both synthesized and resynthesized material incorporating 200 MB of new sample content, due to its multi-layer and complex patch setup the complete soundset features a total of 400+ sounds.

For more information please visit the Vocaloid product page.




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