Mario Jurisch presents Animoog Controller

The ‘wizard’ of do-it-yourself software (synth) controllers Mario Jurisch has finished yet another great project. This time he developed and created a controller for the Moog Animoog app. The Anicontrol has become a stunning Minimoog double, but this time with an iPad inside.

Mario’s description:

The animoog Controller is the second controller with iPad Slot. Its special designed for Moogs iOS App. and works as a stand alone synth. The Front Panel is tiltable, like a minimoog or Voyager. The controller has a 3 octave keyboard, Pitch & Modwheel and a special panel on the right side for the MKE Electronic of the Keyboard. Right from the Wheels, there are two knobs for the X and Y Pad of the Animoog. The Main Front Panel has 31 Knobs and 5 switches to control the most important Parameter of the Animoog App. Inside the cabinet there are one Doepfer USB64 Electronic, one MKE Electronic for the Keyboard and a special Wheel electronic for a smoother controll of Pitch and Modulation. The Controller has a size of 80 cm width and about 35 cm Panel up and 8 cm Panel down. The weight is about 7 kg.




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