Mount Kimbie talk Focusrite Gear

Mount Kimbie are an electronic production duo based in South London. Members Dominic Maker and Kai Campos met at university and released their debut album ‘Crooks & Lovers’ on Hotflush Recordings in 2010.

Crooks and Lovers

Recorded entirely at home, the album went on to become seminal in the ‘post-dubstep/bass music‘ scene and was celebrated by the likes of NME, Mixmag, DJ Magazine, Pitchfork and Drowned in Sound. They have remixed acts such as The Big Pink, Foals and The xx, and collaborate regularly with James Blake. In 2012, they announced their signing with the legendary Warp Records.

Here’s what Dom and Kai have to say about their Focusrite equipment:
“In our studio we’re using a Saffire Pro 24 firewire interface. We record a range of sound sources in our work and the pre-amps are sounding great for vocals, amps and the analogue drum machine and synths we use.

The options in the MixControl are easy to set up for each particular project and the midi is really stable which is important for us when recording the analogue gear in particular. It’s for this reason we use the Saffire Pro 14 for our live shows as well. Never had any stability issues on stage and it being powered by firewire is very convenient for us to. It’s also so portable which is great as we’re always trying to keep our touring luggage to a minimum and we can plug it in and work on the road or in a hotel any time.

Our studio is somewhere in between the bedroom set up we’ve always had and a more traditional commercial studio. It’s still a pretty simple set up but we’ve been using the Focusrite ISA430 MkII channel strip as we’re recording more audio than on our last record. It’s been a joy to use when recording vocals, guitar amps and various other instruments. The punch and warmth of the raw recording we’ve made using it is something that was just not available to us before and has freed up a lot of space in the mixing process. For raw audio going into computer it’s really been a great step forward in our working process.”

They are currently working on new material (new album due 2013) and playing international shows/festivals.



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