The KOMA Elektronik SVF-201 Filter Module Available Now

After releasing two pedals and a CV motion controller in one year, Berlin based musical instruments manufacturer KOMA Elektronik are slowly moving into the world of modular synthesizers. Last month they announced the release of a tap tempo module for Eurorack synthesizers, but first there is the KOMA SVF-201: a state variable filter for the eurorack modular synthesizer format!

Just like it’s bigger brother the FT201, the SVF-201’s filter circuit is built up with optical parts (vactrols) therefor delivering excellent studio audio quality and an unique warm analogue sound The extensive patching possibilities make the module very easy to control and a versatile tool in any studio with any kind of input signal.

Inputs and Outputs

The SVF-201 comes with CV inputs with attenuators for Cutoff, Resonance and Select/Mix Out, where the last one allows the user to instantly sweep between the three different filter characteristics. The module also has adjustable gain up to +6dB, which gives the user to opportunity send a (slightly) overdriven signal into the circuit which results in MS20-like filter sweeps, allowing the filter to create nice experimental percussive sounds; just that extra punch that is sometimes needed to take a production to another level…

The unit comprises four audio outputs that can be used independently of each other at the same time, a High Pass, Band Pass, Low Pass and the unique CV’able Mix Out. The Mix Out out let’s you sweep continuously through the other three outputs by means of a knob and control voltage.

Build and layout

Build in KOMA’s characteristic black and white style of design, the module looks very retro, with the full aluminum knobs allowing the user to set the filter cutoff frequency and resonance in a very precise manner. Behind the Cutoff knob there are 2 small LED’s fitted that give a nice glow, ideal in dark performance situations! The SVF-201 uses parallel mounted PCBs so it can be used in skiffs as well as in big cases, the total depth is less than 40 mm. The SVF-201 offers an amazing sounding filter together with an user friendly surface; a professional feeling inviting musicians to play it real good!

The SVF-201 is now available at selected KOMA dealers worldwide and directly from KOMA Elektronik’s webstore at MRSP: 259 EUR (Incl. EU VAT) | 230 EUR (Excl. EU VAT)



– Size: 3U, 12HP (60,60mm)

– Interface: 2mm white powder coated aluminum front plate + silkscreen printing


– 4 audio outputs:

  • Low Pass
  • Band Pass
  • High Pass
  • Mix Out

– Audio input with attenuator / adjustable gain

– 3 CV inputs:

  • CV input for Cutoff with attenuator
  • CV input for Resonance with attenuator
  • CV input for Mix Out with attenuator
    (The Mix Out attenuator acts as a normalized CV source if nothing is patched into the Select CV input)

– Large 30mm, full aluminum knob for Cutoff with white backlight (a jumper on the PCB lets you turn it off)

– Large 20mm, full aluminum knob for Resonance




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