If You Can? Please help Sonia!

This is a post we have never written before. But we felt we had to. So here it goes. One of our professional relations is Sonia Akow from Push PR. Today we got the terrible news that Sonia is very ill. Sonia received bad news in November 2012 when doctors diagnosed her with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Sonia is currently undergoing chemotherapy and needs a blood stem cell transplant. This is where you can help save Sonia’s life. Please read the details below on how to donate — the more people who register, the better her chance of survival — and keep Sonia in your prayers.

Our friends at Big Shot magazine have a post in which all the details are explained on how you or anyone can help Sonia. Please be so kind and read the article over at Big Shot magazine. Thanks!

Big Shot Magazine




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