IK Multimedia announce five new iKlip products

IK Multimedia is proud to announce five new accessories in its popular iKlip mounting solution line up: iKlip 2 for iPad and iPad mini, iKlip Stand for iPad and iPad mini and iKlip Studio now for iPad mini.

These new iKlip models offer options for mounting and positioning the iPad or iPad mini for hands-free operation and optimum viewing angles to a microphone stand, a tabletop, above equipment and more, covering every possible playing and viewing situation on stage and in the studio. iKlip solutions are also perfect for business presentations, educational applications, gaming, and many other everyday home uses.

All of the new iKlip models offer robust lightweight and ultra-portable designs thanks to their durable thermoplastic moulded components that are made in Italy. They all offer an intuitive and ergonomic design that provides precise optimum positioning of all models of iPad and the new iPad mini.

The new range includes

iKlip 2 – the new mic stand adapter for iPad. The sequel to the original iKlip, the most popular iPad microphone stand mounting accessory, the new iKlip 2 provides a safe and sturdy method for attaching all types of iPad (from iPad 2nd generation and later) to a microphone stand. It features a new ball-joint design that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to find just the right viewing angle, and can be quickly rotated between portrait and landscape mode without using tools. Plus the new iKlip 2 supports stands or poles with larger diameters of up to 1.2″ and has a new streamlined mounting system that can be up and running in seconds. The new iKlip 2 for iPad mini, offered separately, has the same elegant design and features, but fits the brand new Apple iPad mini.

iKlip Stand – the desktop stand for iPad. This new desktop stand mounts the iPad above the desktop so users can position any type of equipment (like music keyboards, mixers, DJ gear etc…) under it for quick access and viewing while playing.  It provides a more efficient use of desktop space and a more comfortable ergonomic setup. Although originally designed for music application, iKlip Stand represents a smart solution for any type of iPad positioning at home or in the office, when there is the need to have the device on hand without conflicting with other objects on a tabletop or desktop. 

Two independent articulation joints allow for adjustment of both the height and viewing angle, and it can be switched between portrait or landscape mode with a single gesture. Together with iKlip Stand, the new iKlip Stand for iPad mini, offered separately, is functionally identical for easy positioning of the new Apple device.

iKlip Studio for iPad mini is a tabletop stand designed for use on flat surfaces with apps that require energetic tapping and beat making and is the sister version to the very popular iKlip Studio for iPad. It securely holds an iPad mini but also other 7” tablet in place with non-slip rubber grip feet, and features adjustable viewing/playing angles from near-vertical for reading or viewing score and tab, to near horizontal for sequencing, energetically tapping out rhythms, or intense gaming. Tablets can be used in portrait or landscape mode, and iKlip Studio folds flat for easy storage and transport in a tablet bag. 

Pricing and Availability

The iKlip 2 for iPad and iKlip 2 for iPad mini are both priced at €29.99 MSRP (ex. VAT). The iKlip Stand for iPad and iKlip Stand for iPad mini are both priced at €49.99 MSRP (ex. VAT). The iKlip Studio for iPad mini is priced at €24.99 MSRP (ex. VAT).

All these new iKlips will ship during the first quarter of 2013.





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