Reloop Airphones available now

Traveling DJs will love the new Airphones as they represent a smart combination of compact DJ headphones and an active noise canceling function. Reloop’s Silent Air technolgy smoothly fades out ambient noise such as plane engines, city noise or disturbing noise in trains or offices – this way the DJ will always arrive laidback to his next gig.

The 40mm drivers’ high-quality and powerful playback characteristics will unfold every music detail when using the noise canceling function. The cable can be removed in order to use the headphones simply for ambient sound insulation. Thanks to the rotating and collapsible earcups beneath the classy flat-comfort consruction the Airphones can easily and safely be transported – including accessories and plane adaptor. This convenient and high-quality sound companion should be in every DJ’s luggage.


– Professional active noise canceling headphones, closed rotatable and collapsible construction
– Powerful sound characteristics, optimized for DJs for clear frequency separation
– Ambient noise insulation due to precise noise canceling with Silent Air technology
– Comfortable bracket and smooth ear cushions
– Flat comfort construction: compact and light ear cup chassis
– Extremely high output power
– Especially sturdy construction for the DJ’s continuous operation

Technical datas

– Driver: 2x 40 mm
– Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
– Frequency range/operating range: active noise canceling 40 Hz – 1 kHz
– Impedance: 36 ohms
– Noise canceling impedance: 130 ohms
– Acoustic pressure: 92 dB
– Acoustic pressure with activated noise canceling: 95 dB
– Noise reduction: >16 dB (at 100 – 320 Hz)
– Supply voltage: DC 1.5V (AAA batteries)
– Battery life span: appr. 40 hours with AAA 1.5V, 800mA batteries
– Weight: appr. 200 g
– Incl. carrying and transportation bag, removable cable and plane adaptor

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