Teenage Engineering introduces the OD-11 Cloud Speaker

Teenage Engineering have recently introduced the OD-11 cloud speaker. It is a re-designed, re-developed new version of the Carlsson OD-11 which was introduced in the mid 70s and became a very popular speaker for Hi-Fi systems. Teenage Engineering worked closely with the Carlsson Foundation for this new version.

Today, almost all music has moved to the cloud.

We think this is great evolution. Sadly, the audio equipment needed to listen to music in the cloud hasn’t really caught up with this transition. We investigated the market closely, but we couldn’t find one system that delivered both great sound and a great user experience. So we had to build it ourselves. We have created a device that is built from the ground up especially for enjoying music in the cloud.

We call this device Cloud Speaker.

Everything you need is Built-In.

Inside the OD11 you’ll find an integrated amplifier that delivers 100W. Combine this with integrated WiFi and a sound processor and you have everything you need to enjoy cloud music. To make the user experience even greater we designed an amazingly simple volume remote with wireless communication built around the latest Bluetooth 4 Low Energy chip that allows the remote to run for years on a single button cell battery. We also added a magnet on the back of the remote so you can stick it to anything from your fridge to the

Reintroducing good sound.

The original Carlsson OD11 was introduced in 1974. Created by Stig Carlsson, the Swedish engineer that challenged the audio industry in the 60s and 70s by designing and refining his loudspeaker for real living rooms, as opposed to the common practice of developing speakers in perfectly damped rooms. Oddly, that contradiction is the same today. At introduction the OD11 was the most affordable HiFi speaker of its time. The Carlssons loudspeakers sold over 100.000 pairs just in Sweden and was instantly established as icons of it’s time.

The original Carlsson speaker.

Teenage Engineering has worked closely with the Stig Carlsson Foundation to build on the tradition of Stig Carlssons work and his life long mission for great natural sound. The result of this is OD11. Carefully and meticulosly re-engineered by Teenage Engineering.

Welcome to a great cloud music experience. 

Teenage Engineering



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