Dualo – Innovative Hexagonal Keyboard instrument – MusikMesse Video

At the MusikMesse we met with Bruno Verbrugghe and Jules Hotrique from Dualo. Dualo is a new way of thinking and practicing music. The first step of the dualo project is a new instrument featuring the innovative hexagonal keyboard, and lot’s more.


The dualo principle was invented in 2007. It is an alternative arrangement consisting in putting the notes that sound good together next to each other according to the traditional harmonic theory.

The dualo principle :

  • makes easier the learning of musical technique : one chord = one shape, two shapes make a scale,
  • makes the improvisation easier : the keys that sound well together are placed next to each other,
  • speeds up the learning of notation : the notions of chord, scales and degree become geometrical shapes easy to memorize and play,
  • makes practice easier : the fingering for scales and chords are the same in every key,
  • allows great virtuosity : the alternation of both hands and the notes arrangement allow to play very fast and very precisely,
  • makes notes reading easier : the notes on staff lines are played by one hand, the notes on spaces by the other hand,






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