TYRELL N6 V3 with 64bit and new GUI launched

With a multitude of campaigns at various levels AMAZONA.de ran a one-year survey in 2009 and together with their readers they invented the analog dream synthesizer. At the end, TYRELL as a hardware-synthesizer was never produced, but the study was well known by the industry and since that time a lot of new real hardware-synthesizers launched on the market!

In the meanwhile, AMAZONA.de & U-He launched a virtual version of TYRELL named TYRELL NEXUS SIX at Christmas 2011. This freeware-synthesizer was extremely successfull on the international market.

Version 3

U-He programmed Version “V3” of the freeware-synthesizer TYRELL NEXUS SIX which was created by the Music-Magazine AMAZONA.de and their readers.

TYRELL N6 V3 with new features

  • VST2 64-bit for MacOS X!
  • VST3 support on MacOS X and Windows!
  • Improved installers on Win and Mac.
  • Loading of converted vst2 presets in .vstpreset format.
  • Added Revision numbers for simple version control (e.g. for support).
  • Horizontally scrolling preset selector added to all plugins with multi-column view.
  • a complete new GUI by famous Designer Ryo Ishido.







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