U-He introduces Tape Machine Effect Plugin

At the MusikMesse Urs Heckmann is showing off his new U-he Tape Machine plugin. It is being described as “authentic tape simulation and beyond“. Meaning it is not just modelled after a vintage tape machine. With U-he Satin you will get lots of freedom to work with different settings and creat your own sound.

Urs Heckmann: “Without being modelled after specific gear like Diva, Satin still has a mix and match approach. There are various pre-equalisation and post-equalisation curves to choose from as well as various noise reduction techniques and a choice of tape speed, plus a few head/gain adjustments. The sound of tape ranges from subtle to drastic. The adjustable noise level is irresistable.”


  • Continuous tape speed control from 7.5 to 30 ips.
  • Saturation with realistic bias and hysteresis, wow & flutter.
  • Rec/repro equalisation, selectable industry-standard curves.
  • Tape delay with up to 4 repro heads, on-the-fly flanging.
  • Head adjustments, various coating formulae.

Price and final release are not yet announced.



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