Product Updates from TK Audio

After a couple of successful years for their products BC1, DP1 and The Blender TK Audio decided it was time to make them even better.

TK Audio have updated them with some new and useful features which will make them even more user friendly.


The stereo bus compressor BC1mk2 has become BC1-S where S stands for stepped. All controls are now stepped for 100% recall and the circuits have been further improved for even lower noise.


DP1 has turned into DP1mk3. It is still the same dual channel preamp with a unique design including both vintage and modern circuits but now they have improved the input stages for lower noise and distortion and a HP-filter has been added after the input stage.

The S-Blender

Their bus processor The Blender now goes by the name S-Blender, because this one has got new stepped controls for 100% recall. This is the perfect tool for mixing and mastering and the circuits have been improved for even lower noise and distortion.






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