TONE2 Audiosoftware release ComplexDroids for ElectraX

The ComplexDroids soundset for Tone2’s ElectraX contains 200 massive and wide sounds focusing on slamming basslines and hookleads. Inside you will find a large selection of club ready sounds, bass like robotic voices and heavy mechanical movement. 

Droid, saw and club sounds

Get ready for a dimension of droids, deep crisp saw bass and classic club sounds, with the potential to make any dance floor go crazy. All patches are carefully tweaked for instant inspiration, ease of work and hook elements in your track.

ComplexDroids takes advantage of the powerful sequencing possibilities that ElectraX offers. Many sounds use several layers and combine up to 4 arpeggiators. By turning off single layers you can access individual sounds, since many patches consist of up to 4 layers, potentially, you got a lot more sounds in there.

ComplexDroids is suitable for a wide range of styles: Complextro, Dirty Electro, modern Dubstep, Electro
House, Dirty Dutch, IDM, Dance and Trance.

For more info please visit the ComplexDroids product page.



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