LennarDigital Sylenth1 64bit (OSX) is on its way…

With the release of Logic X (and Ableton Live 9 earlier this year) the call for a 64bit AU version of this popular software synth grew by the day. The Sylenth1 synth is among many (EDM) producers one of the most used synth instrument. We noticed that many of them were requesting this 64bit version. Last week we asked Lennard if and when an update would be arriving. This morning Lennar made an official statement (see below).

Official statement

“Recently we receive a lot of questions about how to run Sylenth1 in 64bit hosts on OSX, such as the new Logic X and Ableton Live 9. We are still working on a 64bit version of Sylenth1 and we’re hoping to get it done before the end of this year. Until then there are a few options to run Sylenth1 in these hosts. You can find an example walkthrough here. For Ableton Live it is recommended to use the 32bit version of Live to run Sylenth1. If you still need the 64bit version, you can use JBridge to run Sylenth1.”




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