Madrona Labs release Aalto 1.4 Update

Madrona Labs are happy to announce that the Aalto 1.4 update for Mac and Windows is live on their website! This new version offers compatibility improvements, as well as over 100 new presets, improved integration with the Soundplane, and several features requested by users like you.

They have fixed the compatibility issue with Live 9.0.5.

Aalto 1.4 changes:

  • over 100 new presets
  • KEY module now recognizes MIDI sustain messages
  • fixed LFO self loop problem
  • SEQ: quantize now snaps to current scale in KEY module
  • touches over OSC / Soundplane are now quantized on release
  • fixed problem scanning MIDI programs in MainStage
  • fixed possible crash with preset menu in MainStage
  • fixed unison mode for OSC / Soundplane
  • fixed zipper noise in OSC / Soundplane input
  • fixed possible OSC-related crash in Ableton Live
  • fixed a problem with OSC / Soundplane input when UI was not open
  • fixed a problem loading presets with default tuning
  • fixed a problem where window could become stuck after maximizing

As always, if you have an Aalto license, just log in and click on “My Downloads” up there to get the new version.




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