Minimal Techno Sounds for Camel Audio Alchemy (and player)

Camel Audio have just released new sounds for the Alchemy synth and the Alchemy Player. Minimal Techno is available now for Alchemy and Alchemy Player from the Camel Audio website for just 35 USD / 29 EUR / 25 GBP. Minimal Techno for Alchemy Mobile is also coming soon.

Minimal Techno

Stripped down, unrelenting grooves, processed electronic drum kits, and deep basses with soul. Featuring modwheel-scanned and tempo-synced loops, chordal and sequenced synth stabs, noise hits and sweeps, all with extensive remix variations for real-time performance.

Minimal Techno features 264MB of new samples, including classic 808 and 909 samples for drum kits and 101 and 303 acid bass lines, plus a selection of tightly-edited micro kits, a host of essential grooves, and plenty of inventive effects to create your own minimal moods.

Many of these sounds aren’t just limited to minimal techno, they also work well for electronica, downtempo and trance. From the relentless to the unfamiliar, Minimal Techno warps, clatters, and ticks away with the emphasis on rhythm.


Number of Sounds: 75 (600 variations)

Sound Categories: 24 Loops, 15 Basses, 11 Drum Kits, 11 Sound Effects, 10 Synths, 4 Arps – view full list

Genres: Techno, Electronica, Trance, Downtempo

Sound Designer: Nick Moritz, Himalaya, patchen preston, Martin Walker, biomechanoid, Ian Boddy, Cyforce

Download size: 141MB (Alchemy Player version 203MB)

Requirements: Alchemy Player v1.5 (included) or Alchemy v1.5






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