Virsyn Harmony Voice now supports Audiobus and iPhone 5

With their latest update, Virsyn are happy to announce version 2.0 of Harmony Voice with Audiobus support and iPhone 5 graphics support. The Harmony Generator is completely redesigned in the new version.

Audiobus compatibility

The new version of Harmony Voice can be used in the Input, Filter and Output slots in the Audiobus signal chain. For more information about Audiobus please visit:

About Harmony Voice

  • Harmony Voice is a pitch shifter and harmonizer with professional features including automatic tuning correction.
  • A realtime visual intonation-display gives you feedback of the tunes you sing.
  • You can sing and Harmony voice will add up to four voices according to the chords you play with the piano keyboard.
  • Instead of playing the chords yourself you can let Harmony Voice play the chords automatically to enrich the sound of your voice in a musically pleasant way.
  • The voice character can be adjusted in a way that you can turn a female voice into a male voice and the other way round.

New in version 2.0

  • Audiobus compatibility with Harmony Voice as input, filter and output.
  • Completely revised Harmony Generator
  • iPhone 5 compatible wide graphics.







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