Reason 7: Start a project within 10 minutes – Tutorial Video

Our friends from Sweden have released a video in which they show us how easy it can be to start a track in Reason 7 within ten minutes. Carlo shows you how to set up a project, fill in some beats, synths and vocals and start mixing your first track.


Do you find yourself exploding with creativity but unsure of how to get it out? Think you’d do a bang up job making beats that would be blowing up, if only you knew how to get started? Well we’ve got a dynamite new tutorial for you beginners called “Your First 10 Minutes in Reason.” Carlo Nuevo (M.Born) will take you from the first launch of Reason, through setup, and right up to mixing his first track complete with drums, synths, and vocals. It all happens in just 10 minutes and it’ll get you making music in no time. We think you’ll agree. This tutorial is da bomb.




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